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Jamie Benn

Why He’s One of Dallas’ Most Eligible Men: Jamie is refreshingly humble, even as captain and forward of the NHL’s Dallas Stars. If you ask him about competing for Team Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, he probably won’t mention that they took home the gold medal or that he scored the winning goal. He talks more easily about his family (including an older brother, Jordie, who also plays for the Stars, and older sister, Jenny); his favorite movie, The Sandlot; and his hobbies of choice, which include golf, wakeboarding, fishing, paddleboarding, and barbecuing at home. Occasionally, he’ll catch an episode of Duck Dynasty and keeps up with Game of Thrones. On weeks without games, he fills Sundays with brunch and all-day football watching, but when he’s back in season, his schedule is more like skate-lunch-nap-game-repeat. Although his free time is limited, and he keeps his schedule packed, he’s looking forward to settling down several years down the road and starting a family. (He wants four kids.) Jamie says he loves hockey for its competitiveness and the rewards of having “to earn everything you get,” but if forced to switch careers, he says he’d probably be a firefighter. We wouldn’t mind that either.

What His Sister Jenny Says: “When you first meet Jamie, he might seem like the shy, quiet type. Don’t let that fool you. He’s got a devious smile that hints at his playful nature. Once you get to know him, his actions will speak for themselves, and you’ll find that he is very thoughtful. You can see from his passion and drive for hockey, how committed to something he can be. He may not be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, but he can make a mean peanut butter toast.”