• Jane

    Why are there only a few nominees?

  • Question

    Why are there only 5? Are you only doing 5 per week?

  • Sharon_Moreanus

    Str8 white men and the token.
    Maybe next week there will be a better mix.

  • Anne Belk

    I’m no different than any other girl in Dallas. The score the merrier of Jamie Benn keeps us real happy. He almost played baseball but we got really lucky and chose to stay cold. I’m so glad the “C” on his jersey doesn’t stand for “Control Freak”.

  • Tiffany

    It would be very nice if you would do a feature like this on the most eligible bachelors over 50! Thank you for your consideration. You could even do it once a month “most eligible bachelors 50, then most eligible bachelors over 40, over 30 etc…” At the same time you could run a parallel story on the most eligible women in Dallas. I am happy to write it, research it and market it. 🙂 most single people are looking for some kind of a love connection and the popularity of The Bachelor shows how successful something ongoing like this could be.

  • Shocked

    Is this the same Andy Chang that has been engaged for 2 years that is getting married in 3 weeks?????

  • Shocked

    Is this the same Andy Chang that’s been engaged for 2 years that’s getting married in 3 weeks!

  • Theresa Creevy

    I completely agree.

  • The LP Group

    Hey look! It’s Dr. Amir Baluch, our favorite Anesthesiologist. Glad to see you made the list. You are the friendliest person we all know and we love you for it. Can’t wait for another long night at work with you. Can’t wait to see what you will pick this next time for our food adventure. Keep up the awesomeness. Stay cute my friend.

  • Helmet12
  • Kek

    HELLO?!? Over 50 YES INDEED!