• Drew

    Lol really? Who picked these a blind guy?

  • Ipad214

    All the ladies look over 40. Is that the concept of this topic?

  • altmuse

    Does it matter? As it happens, they’re not all over 40.

  • JAS

    One of these ladies no longer lives in Dallas.

  • NewDay2Day

    They’re all beautiful inside and out and worthy of this honor. Does anything else matter?

  • Juleah

    Always considered D Magazine first class. But, this 10 most beautiful people of Dallas? You got to be kidding! Bad decision on several posted especially Shannon with channel 8. Tell us why and maybe we will see her in a different way. Two of the most beautiful with a news station in Dallas are Meredith with channel 5 and Colleen with channel 8.

  • NewDay2Day

    Maybe Meredith and Colleen were not nominated. These lovely ladies were nominated by their friends and family who love them and think they are beautiful in many ways- not just the surface. These ladies and their families are probably reading these comments. Be better than this. Let’s empower women instead of tearing them down.

  • Juleah

    Oh, it makes sense they were nominated by family and friends. Ha! You should have a lot more nominees if that is the case. And , no I was NOT tearing any of them down, and you know that if you can comprehend.

  • Miriam Acevedo

    How about Michelle Rodriguez

  • WhiskeyJane13

    So scary! How dare any of these women have aged beyond the youth- obsessed parameters of our vapid society!? You must be as shallow as a kiddy pool.

  • Guy Reynolds

    Y’all is a contraction. Where the hell is the apostrophe?

  • Annie Nguyen

    I am disappointed that there is not even one Asian American represented. There is a large population of Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipinos, and Persians in Dallas.

  • lantanalenoxx

    I actually have one of those. What a hoot.

  • lantanalenoxx

    Where are the men? I like to gawk at men!

  • Guy Reynolds

    Persians? That’s so politically uncorrect. So, Shah of Iran days.

  • Annie Nguyen

    My friends refer to themselves as Persians. I am not going to identify them differently then their preference.

  • Guy Reynolds

    so it’s okay with you if you’re referred to as Oriental? Just curious.

  • Plano Roo

    My wife is missing in the top 10 🙁

  • Monique Ross

    That is true. We need to represent all the beautiful women of the world

  • BitchIMightBe

    Jacie Scott was an intern at D Magazine…conflict of interest much?

  • BitchIMightBe

    And two Dallas Cowboy cheerleader nominees? That’s a little excessive for such a short list. Besides, there are plenty of gorgeous “normal” women in this town who don’t get to have a huge NFL corporation backing them based mostly on their exquisite looks. Don’t the Cowboys Cheerleaders get worshiped enough around here and get enough recognition as it is? Lastly, what’s with all the women who aren’t even from Texas! There are plenty of homegrown beauties in our own backyard!

  • BitchIMightBe

    How about the two Cowboys Cheerleaders? I feel like they get worshiped enough *yawn*

  • BitchIMightBe

    I love it! At least she’s one of the few who’s actually from Texas. Too many girls from other states on this list

  • Don Myers

    What a freaking joke. How can this even be mildly serious? The most beautiful women in Dallas? Not even remotely close. This is mega-ultra-super ridiculous. What is trying to be proved here? Women who have money and good power positions in the city? Women who are related to someone with those perceptions?
    I can find 20 hotter women walking around Uptown tonight in about 1 hour if I try. DMagazine you’ve gone too far this time. What a mockery to these women and other women around them. Booooo on you DMagazine.

  • Don Myers

    Well…. If you want to have a piece called 20 prettiest people inside and out… Sure.
    But that’s not what it was titled.

  • Sammy Davis

    So, “D” is for Dumb?

  • Mark Brinkerhoff

    “Making Dallas even better” by objectifying and reducing women to the sum total of their parts? Way to step back in time 50 years, and at the (bait) click of a link!

  • ObserverFan

    This does seem a bit antiquated, but then I remember all the ad space dedicated to plastic surgeons in D Magazine.

  • Jam4u

    Yodit is probably the worst person for this list. I had a chance meeting with her once in Dallas and she was completely rude and demeaning. May be pretty on the outside but one of the ugliest people on the inside.

  • Sammy Davis

    This is dumb.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    Where is the mayor of Irvin? Beth Van Duyne

  • Retiredteacher1

    It is amazing to me that when I tried to comment on Eric Celeste’s blog, I was taken to the page for Dallas Most Beautiful Women not once but 4 times. it’s telling that D Magazine is more interested in “beautiful women” than information.

  • James Cole

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  • Juleah

    Well, where is the winner??? LOL

  • DarrenDyer

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