From off-the-menu epicurean delights to private swimming holes to historical finds, it’s a safe bet that you have yet to discover these 89 city secrets. Have fun exploring.

  1. How To
    Blow Your Child’s Mind
  2. Nightlife
    Bowl All Night
  3. Vestiges
    Check out Dallas’ New Deal
  4. Nightlife
    Create a Cocktail Menu
  5. Food & Drink
    Detoxify Your Life
  6. Structures
    Hang Out at Ray Charles’ House
  7. Food & Drink
    Dine on the Down Low
  8. Nightlife
    Drink Bambi
  9. Nightlife
    Drink in a Bag
  10. Food & Dining
    Eat at the Toughest Reservation in Town (Without a Reservation)
  11. Shopping
    Exploit the Exchange Rate
  12. Vestiges
    Get Close to a Close Encounter
  13. How To
    Get Free Advice
  14. How To
    Get Hairless, for Less
  15. Structures
    Get High
  16. Food & Drink
    Get Spiritual With Your Soup
  17. How To
    Get Your Hair Did for Free
  18. Vestiges
    Give Yourself a Hand
  19. Outdoors
    Go Gnome Hunting in Oak Cliff
  20. Food & Dining
    Go in Jimmy’s Back Door
  21. Vestiges
    Go Straight to Jail
  22. Vestiges
    Hang Out on Clyde Barrow’s Porch
  23. Food & Drink
    Have a Private Dinner
  24. Vestiges
    Have Yourself a Merry Old Christmas
  25. Shopping
    Head Games
  26. Vestiges
    Hunt for Buried Treasure
  27. How To
    Keep Your Fancy Car Clean
  28. How To
    Live in Dallas (But Don’t Use Its Schools)
  29. Structures
    Live Like The Jetsons
  30. Structures
    Look Up!
  31. How To
    Never Pay for a Cab
  32. Outdoors
    Ogle Some Weird Birds
  33. Vestiges
    Pay Your Respects
  34. Shopping
    Plant Local
  35. Outdoors
    Play Handball
  36. Shopping
    Practice Your Stack
  37. Structures
    Prepare for Nuclear War
  38. Structures
    Relive Your Childhood
  39. Structures
    Ride the Ghost Train
  40. Shopping
    Rob Billy Reid
  41. Food & Dining
    Savory Secrets
  42. Shopping
    Sew It Yourself
  43. How To
    Shoot Up for Cheap
  44. Shopping
    Shop Like an Interior Designer
  45. Food & Dining
    Skip the Line at Cane Rosso
  46. Food & Dining
    Spice Up Your Life at Sevy’s
  47. Vestiges
    Stare into the Face of Lincoln
  48. Outdoors
    Surf the Blue Waters of McKinney
  49. Outdoors
    Swinging After the Rain
  50. How To
    Take a Break from the Concrete Jungle
  51. Shopping
    Take Neiman Marcus for a Ride
  52. Nightlife
    Treat Yo Self
  53. Vestiges
    Unearth Dallas’ Lost Subway
  54. Structures
    What Lies Beneath
00 How To

Live in Dallas (But Don’t Use Its Schools)

If you want to live in Dallas, not pay for private school, but still not send your kids to DISD, here’s where you’ll want to live:

1. Richardson ISD
The western border of Richardson stops at Coit Road, but if you live between Preston and Coit roads, north of 635 but south of the Collin County line, you’re inside the Richardson ISD limits. Same goes for the Lake Highlands area north of Northwest Highway, east of White Rock Creek.

2. Highland Park ISD
To be a part of HPISD, you’ll have to live east of the Tollway, north of Greenbrier Drive, west of Douglas Avenue, and south of Northwest Highway. There’s also a small stretch north of Colgate Avenue and west of Preston Road inside the HPISD boundaries.

3. Irving ISD
You can live in parts of West Dallas and send your children to Irving ISD schools. There are some neighborhoods south of the Trinity River and west of Top Line Drive inside the Irving ISD lines. Ditto for an area north of the Bernal Greenbelt, south of the West Fork of the Trinity.

4. Plano ISD
Find a home north of the Collin County line that’s east of Midway Road, west of Waterview Parkway, and south of the President George Bush Turnpike. Plus there are apartment communities centered around Horizon North Parkway that qualify.

  • XoAmandaFrances

    Those coordinates are where Highland Park High School is… Not where you have to live….

    You must live east of tollway, west of Abbott/Hwy 75, north of Armstrong/Hawthorn, and south of NW Hwy.

    You can google a map

  • Laura Golatt

    The location of the star showing where to live to get into RISD is way off!

  • roscoe jett

    You should also consider Lakewood, which has the only International Baccalaureate secondary schools in DISD, RISD or HPISD. Two of the elementaries are considered on par with any of the best suburban schools – Stonewall Jackson and Lakewood. And there’s a magnet elementary for the Long/Woodrow feeder pattern, Mata Montessori.

  • Liz Cedillo-Pereira

    If you live in Dallas, consider using its schools. My kids attend a fantastic DISD school.

  • HiddenLH

    #1 should mention you can live inside the loop (south of LBJ) with a Dallas address, close proximity to White Rock Lake and be zoned for RISD. That is Lake Highlands! When will D magazine recognize LH as a legitimate neighborhood? We have one high school, two junior highs and most of the elementary schools are filled with active PTA’s.

  • lakewoodhobo
  • J Kyle Rains

    Did you know that there are Parkie kids in Lakewood schools? Yep, they are avoiding HPISD. And there’s a small portion of the Park Cities in DISD Stonewall/Long/Woodrow.

  • jameswm

    Actually, it’s the opposite of way off – it is smack in the middle of Lake Highlands.

  • jameswm

    That’s good. You are not the audience for this article. It highlights areas of Dallas that are in other school districts.

  • jameswm

    Nice troll. Does the fact that District 10 is in RISD make a difference to you?

  • jameswm

    So, that geography doesn’t make a star?

  • eww

    The title should instead say how to be an elitist bigot…

  • Kafinatedjo

    Such a stupid article. Seriously, what is the point!

  • Billy Ray

    Doubt that!!

  • Milk&cookies

    Exactly! Original description was prob written after d mag 3 martini lunch! Jk

  • Kenneth Messer

    Is it not kind of embarrassing that we have posts like this on “DALLAS Magazine”?

  • CBright

    “Live in Dallas (But don’t use it’s schools)” ?!?!?
    Who @ DMag wrote that tidbit of horse manure?

    If you are not savvy or committed enough to navigate your way into one of the many of the nation’s top schools that DISD has to offer, by all means, Richardson, H Book Burning P, or Irving (WTF, Irving?) is perfect for you! We will happily take your property tax contribution and put it to good use.

  • Jason Heid

    You’ve outlined the general boundaries of HIghland Park ISD as a whole. This article is describing where Dallas city limits overlap with HPISD.