To the 600-plus people who visited our Cutest Pets Showdown on its initial launch on May 7, that was a disaster and we’re sorry.

Voting has ended.

The winner will be announced on June 4, 2018.

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How does voting work? Voting runs using a format we call the “Showdown.” It pairs off pets in random match-ups. Click on one of the pets in order to vote in that match-up in order to proceed to the next match-up.

When can I vote? You can vote an unlimited number of times until May 25.

Why didn’t I get a voting link for my pet? In order to keep the contest fair, we do not provide individual voting links. Not everyone in the competition has the same social following. We want each pet to have the same chance at winning, and handing out individual pet links will skew the results to favor owners who are superior marketers. This is also why the winner of this contest will not be determined by volume of votes, but instead by the percentage of match-ups he or she won.

I keep voting but I haven’t seen my pet. Think of it as if you are rolling a dice 100 times in a row. There will be some times where you get the same number over and over again, and other times that no consecutive number is the same. Our showdown plugin will monitor the number of matches each pet appears in so that they all appear roughly in the same number of matches across all people who are voting. Since we had almost 600 entries, there is over 133,000 possible match-ups. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see your pet—other people will see your pet and will be voting in the match-ups.

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