• gil

    Where is Herrera’s Cafe? Is that Trinity Grove’s?

  • twinwillow

    A big second for La Banqueta!

  • gabe

    La Hacienda Ranch, where all meat is grilled over Mesquite wood for great flavor, my favorites are fajitas and brisket tacos.

  • FunnyHead

    You left Ebar Tex Mex off this list. That is a crime against humanity!

  • Mike Hendricks

    Now do a list of the best Mexican restaurants in town. This tex-mex crap is killing me! The best MEXICAN food in town, in my opinion, is Tipico’s on Northwest Hwy. If you don’t know about it do yourselves a favor and check it out.

  • MikeK

    Herrera’s #1 will always be number one in my heart no matter where it is located at any particular time.

  • V.B

    Who in the world paid you guys to post them as best Tex-Mex! Very disappointed. Quite honestly, food at Taco Cabana is better. We had their world famous deep fried tacos. Not sure what was inside them. Tasted like something I recall from my college days cafeteria, or Luby’s. The tacos al carbon that we had, were average at best. Neither justified the $11+ price tag. Servers appeared hypnotized. High hopes, big letdown. Sorry Amigos.

  • Kurt Kleinmann

    You don’t mention which restaurant you objected to being on the list.

  • Mark

    My guess, based on the places on the list and the reviews thereof, would be VB is talking about Tupinamba.

    As someone who has been a semi-regular at Tupy’s since Jeff was learning to tend bar on Midway, I have to say they’ve lost a step in this last move. The new place is much prettier but the food is not as good.

  • Danny

    Having life half my life in Dallas and the other half in south Texas, I can say everyone should try Gonzales restaurant on Jefferson or the location on Bruton. Tortillas are like mom made them. Carne asada! Carne guisida! Wow! This Is EXCELLENT TexMex! When you walk in and there are no Tejano’a eating there then it’s not texmex! Enjoy

  • G. David

    It’s in that general direction, a little farther north. And very overrated.