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  • Rounds 2 - 3
  • Rounds 3 -4
Fireside Pies
Urban Crust
Coal Vines
i Fratelli
Fireside Pies
i Fratelli
i Fratelli

i Fratelli

  • Rounds 1 - 2
  • Rounds 2 - 3
  • Rounds 3 -4
  • James

    Zoli’s isn’t on here, so I can’t vote.

  • Tom

    And where is Cavalli? They are responsible for introducing Dallas to authentic italian pizza and the first place in the area to be VPN certified (and IMO paved the way for Jerrier’s Cane Rosso to be so successful). Would love to have seen Zoli’s also. And possibly Firecrust.

  • EG

    No Piggie Pies? 🙁

  • roddie

    I’m with James. The first thing I did was look for Zoli’s.

  • Danielle McCormick

    No My Family’s Pizza Lakewood???? They won Best Pizza in Lakewood over several of these…that’s my write in vote!

  • Zoli’s is closing so we decided not to include it.

  • Flip Croft-Caderao

    Isn’t louie’s closed?

  • Jay Jerrier

    Closing…or relocating????

  • ^^ What he said. ^^

  • Brandon Mohon

    They wanted it to be a contest. Zoli’s is in its own tier.

  • Cavalli Pizza

    Not sure Tom but you know what we don’t need to make D List we just keep making awesome Neapolitan Pizza and loving what we do! Thank you for your loyalty though means a lot.
    Paolo and Clara Cavalli

  • Lawson Whitesides

    Sam’s Pizza Pasta in Cedar Hill: (out of 5 stars) 4.5 stars on Yelp, 4.3 stars on Zomato, 4.8 stars on Facebook, 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor; and not on here because why? (Let’s try to include the entire metroplex people!) It’s New York-style Italian; it’s fantastic food! I drive from Richardson to Cedar Hill just to eat there, if you haven’t been you are missing out!

  • Kuff

    Is there a Cavalli location in Dallas now?

  • Cavalli Pizza

    We are in Irving and McKinney. We are in DFW area. As are most of the others.

  • Marky Mark

    Where is Pizza By Marco?

  • PizzaJoe

    Don’t most of the others have locations in Dallas in addition to being in the DFW area? The remaining 4 each have Dallas addresses. Not knocking your pies Cavalli, just taking note of the trend. But the D List often misses some of the best spots so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Cavalli Pizza

    Thanks PizzaJoe

  • The best pizza on planet earth: Porta Di Roma, which is located at 1623 Main Street – suite #104. A few walking steps from Neiman Marcus walking or driving westward. The best pizza is on the north side of the street facing the west. A few years ago, a dear friend introduced me to a treat of delicious pizza. The crust is impeccable, the sauce is delectable, and the cheese is astoundingly incredible. Equally, the fresh salad, was crisp and delish! Incomparable Pizza! If you know who came from heaven and asked me for a slice of excellent pizza…into Porta Di Roma we shall walk and take a seat.

  • Alvin Hysong

    People in Texas don’t know good Pizza, if they haven’t visited New York. By far, the Best Pizza in DFW is Grimaldi’s Pizza. Patsy Grimaldi, the founder of Grimaldi’s, learned to make pizza at Patsy’s Pizzeria, his uncle Patsy Lancieri’s restaurant in Italian Harlem in 1941 at age ten.

  • Tom

    The fact that iFratelli made it past the first round was shocking
    The fact that iFratelli made it past the second round made me think it was just name recognition.
    The fact that iFratelli is in the finals makes me think they must be paying people or giving them free mediocre pizza.

  • Tom

    Definitely not, there was an hour wait last friday. I would die if they closed.

  • Allan Conner

    The fact that you said this about iFratelli makes me think that you know nothing about pizza.

  • Steven Holbrook

    Lots of people in Texas KNOW great pizza, we just understand you have to leave the state to get the best pies, Chicago, NYC, etc….

  • Breck

    I fratelli over fireside? That’s like St. Irma’s College for the Blind and Deaf beating the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAAs. I petition a recount of any dangling chads.

  • Deborah Cole

    Love the oblong pizza!

  • Tim Welsh

    Cane Rosso!!!

  • Tracy

    Breck and Tom – you two must own or work for one of this pizza joints that was beat out… Must be true? Man Up and improve your quality and quit dogging these people’s place of work. Everyone has a choice and your place did not win fair and square. No one likes a Bully, especially on a comment board. Now move on and improve your pitiful lives.


    Mr. Jim’s is just fine. Blaze is very good, too.