• topham

    You guys are goofy. No Buzzbrews or Cafe Brazil? Sure, they’re obvious choices, which, I suspect, is why they didn’t make your list. But, leaving them off is just silly.

  • You’ve got a lot of my favorites on here – but where’s Crossroads Diner? Also if you are just a little North of Dallas you need to check out http://www.prestontrailfarms.com – they have a yummy breakfast as well as a petting farm, general store, and more!

  • Sam Pettijohn

    great list, but missing Henry’s majestic is a travesty…

  • eggman

    Where was the cover photo taken? That looks yummy.

  • Josh

    Why would you ask Tom Fleming of Crossroads to write a bit on how to cook eggs and not include Crossroads Diner. Very strange and slightly misleading Tom I suppose. Crossroads is consistently the best breakfast in Dallas by far!! Unbelievable, how you could leave Crossroads Diner out of this list.

  • D.W.

    I can’t believe you failed to mention Kolaches! We love the Kolache Factory in Murphy!!!!

  • Jason Brecheen

    Maple Leaf Diner should definitely be on this list! Great new spot at Preston & 635 in Dallas

  • Freedom Guy

    Breakfast at Law Restaurant at the Four Seasons in Los Colinas is amazingly good. Sometimes resorts are overlooked in these surveys. Their avocado toast with poached egg, their blue crab omelet, their buffet…all exceptional.

  • Carrie Kelleher

    thank you for the mention … 🙂 … can’t wait to see you guys @ http://www.coffeehousecafe.com/