• Greg Brown

    Pecan Lodge is very average at it’s new location, but people want what is popular and not necessarily what is the best. And the press will continue to pound on what is popular, and people will continue to stand in line for it. Slow Bone, Lockhart, Hutchins, Ten 50, all serve better Q without the crazy lines. We are truly blessed to have such an abundance of great smoky meat places.

  • Ford

    Lockhart brisket is either too fatty or too dry, never had an enjoyable experience there with the exception of the jalapeno mac-n-cheese. Pecan Lodge is delicious and those ribs from baby back shak are always on point. I’m excited to try the few on the list I have not yet had.

  • honeywellmobile

    I personally like Lockhart better than pecan lodge. Don’t get me wrong peacan is good but it taste the same as all the other bar q shops. Both places have insane parking and waiting. Lockhart you don’t need sauce, knife or a fork. The beef ribs are bigger than my whole arm. The German sausage from kreuz meat market come in original and jalapeño flavor. The bark on the brisk is super good! If you like your meat more lean I would go with pecan. If you want to feel your taste buds explode and feel your heart slow down, I would go with Lockhart. Again it’s my personal opinion.