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7 comments on “10 Most Beautiful Homes

  1. So happy to see my friend, Willetta Stellmacher’s home at 6243 La Vista listed here. She was so proud of her lovely historic home. and was so generous inviting people to her home and opening it up for many charitable events. God bless and Rest In Peace.

  2. Someone keeps forgetting to remind D magazine that houses UNDER 4,000 sq ft can be beautiful too. As per usual (see the “best suburbs” garbage), this publication is conflating wealth with beauty/desirability/etc.

  3. Dallas Texas has the most GORGEOUS HOMES!! #DMagazine #HighlandPak #Dallas #DallasRealtor #RealEstate #Realtor #RealEstateBroker

  4. The homes in east dallas (Lakewood and Lake Highlands) along with the scenery are gorgeous.