The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and – in this case – that’s you! After more than 400 nominations and much debate, we’ve narrowed the semifinalists to 20. Now we need you to pick Dallas’ 10 Most Beautiful Women!

You can vote once a day, every day, throughout the voting period. We’ll introduce you to five new lovely ladies each week for four weeks. The 12 top vote-getters will advance to finals week, which will determine who will appear in the December 2015 issue of D Magazine.

The Best of Big D 2015

It took 15 years to find the Pegasus that once topped the Magnolia Building. We didn’t need that long to locate the best this city has to offer. These winners soared above all others this year.

The Best Burgers in Dallas

We searched high-end restaurants and dark dives to satisfy our craving for deliciously composed ground-beef patties sandwiched between two buns. After sampling gloriously melted cheese, the crunch of fresh tomatoes and pickles, and satisfying mouthfuls of bacon and sautéed mushrooms, these are the best burgers in Dallas we just can’t live without.

The Biggest Moments in Dallas History

We had the bright idea of not just chronicling these important moments, but getting the people who made the moments happen to write about them. This proved to be a Herculean task, but our efforts paid off. What other city magazine in America could get no fewer than seven billionaires to contribute to such an undertaking?

The Great Dallas Outdoor Guide

From hiking in Cedar Hill to family-friendly bike trails in Plano to tracking bison in Fort Worth, your next great nature adventure awaits.

Best Tex-Mex Restaurants in Dallas

Newcomers eager to try Dallas’ most famous cuisine tend to be unsettled the first time a server shoves a platter—“Hot plate!”—of greasy, yellow cheese in front of them. Maybe you had to grow up with it. For sure you have to live with it awhile to love it. But for most of us, Tex-Mex is the taste we crave when we are away and the one that defines “home.”

Guide to Lowest Greenville

How it became the hottest block in the city.

Hidden Dallas

From off-the-menu epicurean delights to private swimming holes to historical finds, it’s a safe bet that you have yet to discover these 89 city secrets. Have fun exploring.

The Insider’s Guide to the Dallas Design District Guide

Your guide to the top shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more.