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Newcomer’s Guide to Dallas

*You’re in Dallas now, so feel free to start saying “y’all.” What are you going to use instead? “You guys”? Come on. And “y’all” is great. It works in a greeting, an admonishment, and about 50 other situations. This is just the first of our essential advice about the people, places, and things every local must know.

The Best Late Night Dining in Dallas

You’re out late. You’re hungry. The Taco Bell drive-thru just won’t do. You want something hot, fresh, and delicious. But which great Dallas restaurants are open late? We spent weeks devouring top-notch food that’s still served after many of your neighbors have gone to bed. What we found could be called the city’s most satisfying midnight snacks.


Dallas Dating Guide

The Best Breakfasts in Dallas

We ate breakfast—not brunch—all over North Texas to find the best diners, classic spots, healthy starts, power breakfasts, tacos, and international food around. Now up and at ’em! The most important meal of the day awaits.

By Catherine Downes, Eve Hill-Agnus, and Nancy Nichols.

The Biggest Moments in Modern Dallas History

The Biggest Moments In Modern Dallas History

We had the bright idea of not just chronicling these significant milestones of the era since D Magazine was founded in 1974 but getting the people who made the moments happen to write about them. This proved to be a Herculean task, but our efforts paid off. What other city magazine in America could get no fewer than seven billionaires to contribute to such an undertaking?

Best New Bars 2015

This year’s fresh batch of watering holes ranges from cavernous dives to sleek and sophisticated sports bars. Dallas drinkers looking to try something new can sip over-the-top cocktails, straightforward aperitifs, or frothy pints of local beer. There really has been something for everybody in 2015. So raise a glass to our favorite new pubs, taverns, and lounges.

10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

10 Most BeautifulWomen In Dallas

As nominated and selected by the readers of D Magazine these lovely ladies epitomize the best of Dallas, inside and out.

Best New Restaurants 2015

Best Pizza in Dallas